A New Website

Trying something new

C. Luke Watson


July 31, 2022

I saw a couple of websites and thought mine could do with an update. In particular, Andrew Heiss has an amazing website… but I don’t know how to replicate it. Thus, I am borrowing from Mike Mahoney before he creates something too advanced for me to follow.

How did I do it


  1. I used Rstudio + quarto, which I learned about through Andrew Heiss’s twitter.
  2. I saw Mike Mahoney’s website in the quarto gallery
  3. I already had Github account and the desktop app


  1. I downloaded Mike Mahoney’s website
  2. I changed all the content to match what I wanted
  3. I used the Quarto guide on Github Pages, but I also had to google a bit to figure out some stuff
    1. Name the folder with the website content something (e.g., tmp_website)
    2. On Github, new repository named “username.github.io”, initialize with a readme file, then “create”
    3. On code-tab, create new branch called “gh-pages”, next, in same tab, click “2 branches”, next switch branch to “gh-pages” from “main”, and then delete “main”
    4. Create “username.github.io” folder, paste website contents into the folder
    5. Add the “Ignore Content” item to the .gitignore folder (will likely need to use ‘open with’ and pick a program)
    6. Using the Github desktop app, sync the new items to Github website
    7. In terminal (or command line), cd to username.github.io, next type quarto publish gh-pages and hit enter, and say yes to any questions
  4. The website should go live within a few minutes (as long as not uploading big data files)