Working papers

Job Market Paper: The General Equilibrium Incidence of the EITC
- Manuscript: clw_GenEqEITC.pdf
- Earlier draft presented at 2019 NTA: Labor Supply Session

Is the Rent Too High? Land Ownership and Monopoly Power
- (joint with Oren Ziv)
- Updated March 2021!
- Manuscript: monopoly_watsonziv.pdf

Comment: Estimating Both Supply and Demand Elasticities Using Variation in a Single Tax Rate
- Manuscript: clw_comment_ZGH2018_oct2020.pdf

Works in Progress

The Local Effects of State EITC Expansions
- Manuscript: clw_stateborder_EITC.pdf
- Updated March 2021!
- Presented at 2020 NTA: Changing Behavior with Localized Tax Policy for Low-Income People

Who Goes to Work with the EITC: Pro-Work Subsidies and Labor Supply Quality
- Draft available upon request

What Does An EITC DID Estimate?
- In progress

Research Notes

EITC Facts
EITC Facts